Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix: The Ultimate Crossbreed Chiweiler

There’s no denying that crossbreed dogs are all the rage these days. People love having a unique and different dog from all the other dogs. If you’re looking for the ultimate crossbreed dog, then you need to meet the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix.

Do you love big dogs? Do you also love small dogs? Then you will love the Chihuahua Rottweiler mix. This is the ultimate crossbreed dog. It is a combination of two of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It is big enough to be a guard dog but small enough to fit into any home.

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing crossbreed and find out what makes it special.

This article will provide all the information you need about the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix. We will discuss its temperament, personality, and physical features. We will also provide tips on caring for this amazing hybrid dog.

What is a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix Dog breed?

The Chihuahua Rottweiler mix, also known as Chiweiler, is a designer dog breed created by crossing a Chihuahua with a Rottweiler

Rottweiler Chihuahua mix, Chihuahua Rottweiler Mix, Rottweiler and Chihuahua mix
Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix

This mixed breed inherits both parent breeds’ best physical and personality traits.

The Chiweiler is a loyal and loving companion dog that bonds closely with its family. It is an intelligent breed that is easy to train. 

The Chiweiler is also alert and watchful, making it an excellent watchdog. This mixed breed does best in a home with a yard where it can run and play.

History of the Chihuahua Rottweiler Mix

Getting a proper record or documentation of the history of the Chihuahua Rottweiler mix is difficult. However, there are a few things that we can be sure of. 

First, this mix is not a new phenomenon – it has been around for years. In fact, the mix was likely created intentionally by someone who wanted to create the perfect dog.

To learn more about this designer dog, let’s look at the parents’ breeds to know more.

An Overview Of The Rottweiler

Technically, the Rottweiler is a medium to large dog breed that originates from Germany. Rottweilers are among the most popular dog breeds globally, and it’s no wonder why. 

These big, strong dogs are not only impressive to look at, but they are also incredibly loyal and loving companions.

Rottweiler Chihuahua mix, Chihuahua Rottweiler Mix, Rottweiler and Chihuahua mix

The breed is descended from working dogs used to herd cattle and protect property. Today, the Rottweiler is still a popular working dog, but he is also prized as a loyal and loving family pet. 

The Rottweiler is a powerful and muscular dog with a short, dense coat. He has a broad head, a square muzzle, and small, round eyes that are dark brown. 

The ears of the Rottweiler are floppy and set high on the head; the breed’s body is compact and muscular, with a deep chest and strong legs. The tail of the Rottweiler is docked or shortened, an illegal practice in some parts of the world.

The average full-grown Rottweiler stands 22 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 85 and 135 pounds. Rottweilers can live up to 8 to 10 years or more with the right care.

American Kennel Club recognized the Rottweiler as a breed in 1931.

An Overview Of The Chihuahua Dog

This pint-sized pup from Mexico is the smallest breed of dog in the world and is known for its big personality. 

Chihuahuas are spirited, curious, and lively little dogs that make great companions. They are also very protective of their family and home and can be quite territorial.

The Chihuahua is a versatile breed that can adapt to various living situations. They are perfect for city dwellers who want a small dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercise, and they also make great travel companions. 

These little dogs do best with older children’s families as they can be fragile and may not be suitable for households with very young kids.

The Chihuahua may be the perfect breed for you if you’re looking for an energetic, playful, loyal, protective dog. However, keep in mind that they require a lot of special care, especially when it comes to their health. 

Rottweiler Chihuahua mix, Chihuahua Rottweiler Mix, Rottweiler and Chihuahua mix

Before adding one of these pups to your family, ensure you are prepared to deal with some common health issues associated with Chihuahuas.

Some of the most common health problems seen in Chihuahuas include:

  • Respiratory problems, such as asthma and bronchitis
  • Eye problems, such as cataracts and glaucoma
  • Dental problems, such as tartar build-up and gum disease
  • Obesity

The average Chihuahua stands about 6 to 9 inches tall and weighs between 2 and 6 pounds. They come in various colors: black, brown, white, fawn, and spotted. 

Chihuahuas can live between 12 to 20 years or more with the right care. American Kennel recognized this breed in 1904.

The Appearance of the Chiweiler

The Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is a unique-looking dog who often turns heads when out on walks. As the name suggests, this hybrid breed is a cross between a Rottweiler and a Chihuahua, two breeds that couldn’t be more different in terms of appearance.

While each Chihuahua Rottweiler mix will have unique physical characteristics, they all inherit certain traits from their parent breeds. 

For example, most Rottweiler Chihuahua mixes have large, muscular bodies and square/round heads. They also tend to be loyal and protective, making them great guard dogs. 

Some mixes are a large, muscular build of a Rottweiler combined with a Chihuahua’s small, delicate features.

However, crossing two different dog breeds sometimes carries unforeseen genetic consequences. Take the Chihuahua, for example: 

This little dog was originally bred in Mexico to hunt rodents. When crosses between Chihuahuas and other breeds occur, the puppies can be quite unpredictable in terms of their size, personality, and overall health.

It is impossible to predict the ear type as the puppies can inherit more genes from one parent or both. Rottweilers have long ears that droop down, while Chihuahuas have erect, pointy ears. 

So you could end up with a hybrid pup with long, floppy ears like its Rottweiler parent, or large, pointy ears like its Chihuahua parent, or something in the middle.


It is impossible to determine the size of a Rottweiler and Chihuahua mix because there is such a wide range of sizes for both the Rottweiler and the Chihuahua. However, they will most likely be small to medium-sized dogs.

Rottweiler Chihuahua mix, Chihuahua Rottweiler Mix, Rottweiler and Chihuahua mix

Sizes are determined by which parent gene is dominant. If the Chihuahua gene is dominant, the dog will be smaller. If the Rottweiler gene is dominant, the dog will be larger.

So, you can expect an Adult Chiweiler to be about 12 to 18 inches tall and weigh between 30 to 80 pounds.

Coat Type and Color

Your pup can take after the Rottweiler with their short, coarse coat that is black with rust markings, or they could have the long, soft coat of the Chihuahua. Their coat can be any color, but black and tan are the most common.

Coat length will also depend on the mix. Some may have a shorter coat like the Rottweiler, while others may have a longer, shaggy coat like the Chihuahua.


The life expectancy of the Rottweiler mixed with Chihuahua mix is around 12-15 years.

Chihuahuas are dog breeds that live longer than most dog breeds, and Rottweilers are a breed that is known for having a long lifespan of 6-10 years. 

When these two breeds are combined, the result is a dog that often lives well into its teenage years, benefiting from the longer lifespan of the Chihuahua parent.

Since Rottweilers and Chihuahuas are popular breeds, finding a puppy from this mix should not be difficult. 

Make sure you research to find a reputable breeder breeding healthy dogs.

Face Structure

The face of Chihuahuas is sharp with short, pointed snouts and erect ears. The muzzle is slightly longer in Rottweilers. When you put the two breeds together, their offspring will have a mix of features from both parents. 

This can result in a slightly longer muzzle and a more rounded head shape. But overall, the face will favor one parent or a mix of each.

The eyes of a Chihuahua are large and round, while the Rottweiler has almond-shaped eyes. Again, when you put the two breeds together, you get a mix of these features. So the eyes of a Chihuahua-Rottweiler mix could be either round or almond-shaped.

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The Temperament of The Rottweiler And Chihuahua Mix.

The temperament of the Chiweiler is also unpredictable because it carries two dog genes.

Just like we have earlier said, it is almost impossible to predict the temperament of a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix since there are just too many factors to consider. However, we can look at the temperament of both parent breeds and make some general assumptions.

The Rottweiler is known for being loyal, courageous, and fearless. They make great guard dogs and are always ready to protect their family. They are also very intelligent and easy to train.

The Chihuahua is known for being timid, aggressive, alert, and loyal. They make great watchdogs and love spending time with their family. 

Since the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix inherits the temperament of both parent breeds, it is safe to say that they will be loyal, willful, aggressive, protective, courageous, and intelligent. 

They may also be a little timid around strangers but will always be protective of their families. They are perfect for families looking for a watchdog and are easy to train. 

Just make sure you socialize them with other people and animals early on so they don’t become too fearful.

Dietary Needs

Investing in high-quality home or commercially made dog food is a necessity. Dietary needs depend on the dog’s age and activity level. Generally speaking, most dogs need a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. 

Dogs prone to obesity should have a diet that is lower in fat. Working dogs may need more protein to sustain their energy levels, while older dogs may not require as much food.

These Dogs need a high-protein diet because protein is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue. A good rule of thumb is to provide your dog with at least 25% of its daily caloric intake from protein.

2 to 3 meals per day for your adult furry friend is recommended but always check with your veterinarian to see what is best for your dog.

Many commercial dog foods contain the right balance of nutrients, or you can make your own food by following a recipe designed for dogs. When preparing homemade food for your dog, it is important to avoid giving them foods high in salt, sugar, or fat.

You can supplement their meals with healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables and include Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and fish oil in their diets to help your pup fight hip and elbow dysplasia.

Grooming Requirements (How To Take Care Of Your Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix?)

Both parent breeds’ grooming and care requirements are quite different, so it’s important to know what to expect when you bring a Chihuahua Rottweiler mix home.

Rottweilers require routine grooming, bathing, and regular brushing to keep their coats healthy and free of mats. 

On the other hand, Chihuahuas only need to be bathed when they get dirty and don’t require much brushing aside from a once-weekly wipe-down. However, if your Chihuahua is long-haired, it will need at least weekly brushing.

Chihuahua and Rottweiler mix puppies will likely need to be groomed more often than adults, as they tend to shed a lot and can also start growing their adult coats around six months. Be prepared to brush your puppy’s coat weekly and trim its nails every month.

Overall, this canine is in the moderate maintenance category as far as grooming goes. With a little effort, you can keep their coats healthy and free of mats, and regular brushing will help keep shedding under control. 

Just be prepared for a lot of hair in your home and clothes if your dog has a long coat. If your Chiweiler is long-haired, it must be brushed at least twice weekly.

One of the most important things to remember when caring for a Chihuahua Rottweiler mix is that they are both prone to weight gain. So you’ll need to closely monitor their diet and ensure they get plenty of exercise.

Exercise Requirements

The Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is at the top of the list when it comes to active dogs. This crossbreed needs plenty of exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. 

As long as your Rottweiler Chihuahua mix gets the proper exercise, it’ll be a happy, healthy dog.

A Chihuahua Rottweiler mix needs a moderate amount of exercise. A daily walk or play session in the yard is typically enough to meet their needs. 

However, keep an eye on them during hot weather, as they can overheat easily.

However, if your dog is not too active, it’s important to adjust the amount of exercise you give it accordingly. A small, inactive dog does not need as much exercise as a large, active dog. 

Be sure to consider your dog’s breed and personality when planning her exercise routine.

You should provide at least 30 minutes per day of exercise for your Rottweiler Chihuahua mix. This could include a brisk walk, jog, or game of fetch in the park. Additionally, provide some basic obedience training to keep your dog physically and mentally active. A well-exercised dog is a happy dog.

Rott Chihuahua Training Needs

Training a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix will require a lot of patience and consistency. This crossbreed is known to be quite stubborn, so you’ll need to be consistent with your commands and rewards. 

Positive reinforcement will work best with this dog, as they respond well to treats and praise. Be sure to start training early, as this dog will need obedience training from an early age.

Early socialization, Obedience training, and Consistent rules are essential for the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix. They can be challenging to train, so start early and be patient. 

Crate training is also important. Do not leave this breed for a long period alone, as this dog may become destructive if left alone for too long. However, the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix can make an excellent family pet with proper training.

The Rottweiler Chihuahua mix may be prone to chewing, barking, and digging. Be sure to provide plenty of exercise and appropriate toys to help redirect these behaviors.

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Health Problems

The Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is a generally healthy breed, but they can inherit health problems from their parents. Some health issues these dogs may be prone to include hip dysplasia, Luxating Patella, Hypoglycemia, Tooth and gum disease, cancer, eye problems, Von Willebrand Disease, and allergies. 

Be sure to have your dog checked by the vet regularly and take any necessary precautions to help keep them healthy.

1. hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common condition that affects many dogs. The condition is caused by a hip joint dislocation, leading to pain, lameness, and arthritis.

Several factors can contribute to the development of hip dysplasia, including genetics, diet, and exercise. Treatment for hip dysplasia typically includes weight management, physical therapy, and pain relief medication. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the hip joint. By understanding the causes and symptoms of hip dysplasia, dog owners can take steps to prevent the condition from developing.

2. Luxating Patella

Many dog owners are unfamiliar with the term “luxating patella,” but it is a relatively common condition that can cause pain and lameness. 

The patella, or knee cap, is normally held in place by a strong ligament. However, in dogs with luxating patella, the ligament is either too loose or too short, causing the patella to slip out of place. This can happen when the dog is lying down or walking, which can be extremely painful. 

In severe cases, the patella may need to be surgically corrected. However, many less invasive options can relieve dogs with this condition.

3. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition that is caused by low blood sugar levels. It can occur in any dog breed but is more common in toy breeds, such as the Chihuahua. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include weakness, trembling, lack of coordination, and seizures. If left untreated, the condition can be fatal.

4. Tooth and Gum Disease

This disease is caused by bacteria accumulating on the teeth and gums, leading to inflammation and infection. The condition can cause bad breath, tooth loss, and gum recession. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly to help prevent tooth and gum disease is important.

5. Cancer

This is a dreaded word for any pet owner, cancer can affect any breed of dog, and it can be difficult to predict who will develop it. 

There are many different types of cancer, and they can occur in any part of the body. Cancer treatment depends on the type and severity of the disease but may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

6. Von Willebrand Disease

This is a genetic disorder that affects the blood clotting process. It is most common in dogs and can cause excessive bleeding from minor injuries. 

Von Willebrand Disease is treated with various medications, depending on the severity of the disease.

7. Eye Problems

Eye problems are common in dogs and can range from mild to serious. Some of the most common eye problems include cataracts, glaucoma, and progressive retinal atrophy. If you notice any changes in your dog’s eyesight, be sure to have them checked by a veterinarian.

8. Allergies

Allergies are another common problem in dogs. They can be caused by a variety of things, including pollen, dust, food, and insect bites. 

Allergies can cause a wide range of symptoms, including sneezing, scratching, and vomiting. If your dog seems to be constantly itchy or has other allergy-related symptoms, it is important to have them checked by a veterinarian.

Many different health problems can affect dogs, and it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of each one. Knowing what to look for can help your dog get the treatment they need before the problem becomes too serious.

Is the Chihuahua Rottweiler mix the perfect pet for you?

This crossbreed is active, playful, and loving, but she also requires a lot of exercise.

If you’re not active or don’t think you can handle all that exercise, this crossbreed may not be the best choice. Be honest with yourself and your lifestyle before bringing a dog into your home.

How much does a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Puppy cost, and where to get it?

A Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Puppy costs range from $600 to $1500, depending on the breeder, availability, and location. 

You can find puppies for sale through online classifieds websites, rescue centers, or by contacting local breeders. It is important to research before buying a puppy to ensure you are getting a healthy and well-socialized dog. 

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mixes are a popular crossbreed and will make a great addition to any family.

If you’re interested in adding a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix puppy to your family, do your research first. Make sure you find a reputable breeder breeding healthy dogs with good temperaments. 

Puppies from irresponsible breeders can often have health and temperament problems, so it’s important to be careful.

Be sure to ask for health insurance information and a guarantee of the puppy’s health. The breeder should also provide information on how to care for your new dog, including feeding, training, and exercise tips.


So, what’s the verdict? Is the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix the ultimate crossbreed dog or not? The answer is a resounding “yes!” 

These dogs are full of personality and make great companions. They are also relatively easy to care for, so they’re perfect for active owners. If you’re looking for an energetic and lovable pup, the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is definitely worth considering. We hope you find this Rott Chihuahua mix dog breed guide informative.

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