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Uncover the Top 200+ Polish Dog Names That’ll Have Tails Wagging

As a passionate dog owner, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as welcoming home a furry newcomer into your family home. From playful Pomeranians to royal Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and Polish Tatra Sheepdogs, finding an appropriate name for every four-legged companion can be thrilling and meaningful – it expresses affection, personality, and the special bond you share between owner and animal alike!

Here, we present an expansive collection of 200+ Polish dog names to assist and inspire in choosing an appropriate moniker for your furry pal. Including elegant, sophisticated names and charming and whimsical options – our list showcases Poland’s rich culture and vibrant spirit in finding you just the perfect name!

Why Polish dog names? You might ask. Poland boasts an ancient past and fascinating heritage, famous for its warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and people of great character. By giving your pup one of Poland’s names or adding its culture into his identity as its title or theme, you pay homage to this great nation while giving his identity more depth and cultural meaning.

No matter your ancestry, cultural preferences, or just love the unique allure of Polish names for dogs; we have you covered. Our list offers traditional as well as more unique gems that will set your dog apart from its peers.

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Just grab yourself a cup of tea, relax, and join us as we embark on an intriguing voyage through 200+ Polish dog names! Whether it reflects their appearance or personality traits or contains meaningful Polish language words, we are confident you’ll discover a name that resonates with you and your new best friend!

And so begins our thrilling search for that ideal name that will bring joy to both of our hearts and an unexpected thrill for our canine companion! Get excited because Poland holds many treasures when it comes to dog names! Get inspired as we embark upon this incredible naming adventure together.

Male Polish Dog Names

polish dog names

These names reflect Polish culture and create a unique identity for your male canine companion.

  1. Bogdan
  2. Czesław
  3. Grzegorz
  4. Jacek
  5. Kazimierz
  6. Lech
  7. Maksymilian
  8. Oskar
  9. Piotr
  10. Ryszard
  11. Stanisław
  12. Tadeusz
  13. Wojciech
  14. Zbigniew
  15. Andrzej
  16. Bartosz
  17. Dariusz
  18. Henryk
  19. Janusz
  20. Krzysztof
  21. Łukasz
  22. Marcin
  23. Paweł
  24. Roman
  25. Sebastian
  26. Tomasz
  27. Władysław
  28. Zdzisław
  29. Michał
  30. Hubert
  31. Juliusz
  32. Radoslaw
  33. Konstanty
  34. Witold
  35. Marek
  36. Arkadiusz
  37. Zenon
  38. Jacek
  39. Tadeusz
  40. Kornél
  41. Jerzy
  42. Milan
  43. Andrzej
  44. Mieszko
  45. Dorian
  46. Gustaw
  47. Kazimierz
  48. Stefan
  49. Aleks
  50. Gracjan
  51. Ryszard
  52. Brajan
  53. Nataniel
  54. Iwo

Female Polish Dog Names

Female Polish dog names provide the ideal combination of elegance and charm, giving your beloved companion its own distinctive identity. Drawing inspiration from Poland traditions, these names boast an endless supply of history and meaning for you and your pup to explore!

  1. Zuzanna
  2. Kasia
  3. Magda
  4. Ola
  5. Marta
  6. Ania
  7. Basia
  8. Wiktoria
  9. Agata
  10. Aleksandra
  11. Ewa
  12. Klaudia
  13. Malgosia
  14. Natalia
  15. Oliwia
  16. Kinga
  17. Patrycja
  18. Emilia
  19. Karolina
  20. Dorota
  21. Monika
  22. Izabela
  23. Jagoda
  24. Aldona
  25. Marzena
  26. Adrianna
  27. Katarzyna
  28. Dominika
  29. Ela
  30. Renata
  31. Sylwia
  32. Kamila
  33. Beata
  34. Elzbieta
  35. Ewelina
  36. Urszula
  37. Iga
  38. Bogna
  39. Izolda
  40. Milena
  41. Zofia
  42. Jolanta
  43. Agnieszka
  44. Halina
  45. Irena
  46. Martyna
  47. Renata
  48. Magdalena
  49. Justyna
  50. Weronika
  51. Luiza
  52. Liwia
  53. Klara

Names Inspired by Polish Locations

These names draw their inspiration from various cities and towns throughout Poland, giving your furry pal a name that encapsulates its beauty and culture.

  1. Warsaw
  2. Krakow
  3. Gdansk
  4. Wroclaw
  5. Poznan
  6. Zakopane
  7. Lublin
  8. Sopot
  9. Szczecin
  10. Torun
  11. Bialystok
  12. Katowice
  13. Olsztyn
  14. Bydgoszcz
  15. Gdynia

Funny Polish Dog Names

  1. Wiaderko: means “little bucket.”
  2. Śledzik – means “herring.”
  3. Puszczalski: a playful twist on the Polish word for “promiscuous.”
  4. Fikuś – means “joker.”
  5. Burek: a common name for mixed-breed dogs, also means “pastry.”
  6. Śmieszek: means “funny person.”
  7. Szczeniak – means “puppy.”
  8. Dziwak: means “weirdo.”
  9. Klopsik: means “meatball.”
  10. Psotnik: means “mischief-maker.”
  11. Kubuś: a playful twist on the name “Winnie the Pooh.”
  12. Stuknięty – means “crazy.”
  13. Frupek: a cute-sounding name with no specific meaning
  14. Chochoł – means “tuft” or “mop.”
  15. Wariat: means “madman.”
  16. Ciapcio: a playful name meaning “paw.”
  17. Kociokwik: a fun word for the sound a cat makes, used humorously for dogs
  18. Zdzicho: a funny-sounding name with no specific meaning
  19. Figlarny: means “mischievous.”
  20. Zwierzak: a playful term meaning “animal.”
  21. Bark Twain
  22. Sir Waggington
  23. Fuzz Lightyear
  24. Droolius Caesar
  25. Sir Barksalot
  26. Chewbacca the Hutt
  27. Ruff the Magic Dragon
  28. Captain Sniffbeard
  29. Snoop Doggy Dog
  30. Woofgang Puck

Cute Polish Dog Names

polish dog names
  1. Bąbel (Bubble)
  2. Kropka (Dot)
  3. Misiu (Teddy)
  4. Bajka (Fairy tale)
  5. Kicia (Kitty)
  6. Czekolada (Chocolate)
  7. Kropka (Spot)
  8. Kropka (Dotty)
  9. Malinka (Raspberry)
  10. Puszek (Fluff)
  11. Karmelka (Caramel)
  12. Słoneczko (Sunshine)
  13. Biszkopt (Sponge cake)
  14. Maluszek (Little apple)
  15. Puchatek (Fluffy)
  16. Ciasteczko (Cookie)
  17. Zuzia (Short for Zuzanna)
  18. Ptaszek (Little bird)
  19. Pompon (Pom-pom)
  20. Słodzik (Sweetie)
  21. Miodzik (Honey)
  22. Kubuś (Little bear)

How To Select Polish Dog Names 

1. Lean into Their Personality: 

Remember to tap into your dog’s unique persona when selecting a name for your dog. Be attentive to their habits, traits, and quirks that could indicate who they really are – your companion exudes energy and bounds around with enthusiasm. Consider Spark or Bounce names that capture that lively energy; alternatively, cool names are better suited if your companion displays royal grace while walking elegantly. 

2. Keep It Simple: 

While elaborate names might tempt you, selecting something short and easy to pronounce should always be your goal. After all, your pet’s name should effortlessly roll off your tongue and be readily understood by others.

3. Keep Longevity in Mind: 

When selecting the perfect name for your canine companion, longevity must always be considered. While “Puppy” might sound cute in their early years, calling out for “Puppy” when calling out an older dog may no longer hold charm over time! Instead, select names that can withstand the passage of time.


Exploring Polish dog names adds an extra cultural twist and unique character. You have over 200 Polish names available to choose from, and each will create its own unique connection between history, tradition, and linguistic beauty – perhaps from folklore or vibrant city names or reflecting its heartwarming culture; there’s something out there perfect. 

When embarking on your naming adventure for your canine companion, let the charm and allure of Polish names capture your imagination while forging lasting bonds between both.

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