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Score Big with These 200+ Epic Hockey Dog Names

Come one and all puck lovers and canine enthusiasts! Let us embark upon an exhilarating journey combining our shared interests in hockey and canines – something I know this article will do very nicely! If you find yourself cheering your heart out during thrilling hockey matches or melting at the sight of an adorable pup wagging its tail, then this article was designed just for you.

With this post, we explore the world of hockey dog names. With more than 200 names to choose from for your furry pal’s nicknames, this list should make them the star of any household! 

Whether or not your dog enjoys hockey itself, our list has something suitable to meet everyone’s taste, from avid supporters of the sport, through casual enthusiasts of their adorable companion, all the way down to those looking for playful nicknames for them all – with one to suit both physicality (rugged defenseman to speediest winger).

Imagine this: your pup strutting down the street sporting a name that captures the spirit of hockey: resilience, agility, and unwavering devotion are characteristics shared between dogs and hockey players alike. Also, imagine calling out his name while your pet chases after a puck-shaped toy across your living room like it were an actual hockey arena!

As you might be thinking, coming up with such an expansive list can be daunting. Yet, our dedicated team of dog-loving wordsmiths has done an admirable job of minecrafting an original collection that remains as fresh and exciting as an offensive shot from the blue line.

Begin preparing yourself to embark on an exhilarating hockey dog name hunt! These delightful names pay homage to legendary players, iconic teams, and the rich tapestry of hockey itself and will surely provide something perfect to reflect your pup’s individuality and style.

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No need to settle for names like Max or Bella! Give your furry teammate an unforgettable name that’ll leave an impactful legacy and have everyone asking and howling with laughter for more! Stay around as we unleash an explosion of creativity to leave you howling for more!

Get inspired, entertained, and maybe even surprised as we explore this fascinating intersection between hockey and dogdom – what better place than right here on this icy surface to discover an incredible resource of names for our furry companions than right here? Are we on? Hit the ice together!

Hockey Term-Inspired Dog Names

hockey dog names
  1. Puck
  2. Slapshot
  3. Zamboni
  4. Hat Trick
  5. Rink
  6. Blades
  7. Ice
  8. Powerplay
  9. Faceoff
  10. Goalie
  11. Blue Line
  12. Offside
  13. Breakaway
  14. Backcheck
  15. Penalty
  16. Overtime
  17. Winger
  18. Center
  19. Defense
  20. Blocker
  21. Forecheck
  22. Stick
  23. Checking
  24. Deke
  25. Top Shelf
  26. Cross-Check
  27. Bardown
  28. Glove Save
  29. Slashing
  30. Netminder

Hockey Players-Inspired Names For Dogs

1. Gretzky – Named after Wayne Gretzky, the legendary ice hockey player.

2. Orr – Named after Bobby Orr, one of the greatest defensemen in hockey history.

3. Lemieux – Named after Mario Lemieux, a Hall of Fame center.

4. Howe – Named after Gordie Howe, a hockey icon known as “Mr. Hockey.”

5. Crosby – Named after Sidney Crosby, a prominent NHL player.

6. McDavid – Named after Connor McDavid, a young superstar in the NHL.

7. Vezina – Named after Georges Vezina, a former goaltender and the namesake of the Vezina Trophy.

8. Hart – Named after Cecil Hart, a former coach and the namesake of the Hart Memorial Trophy.

9. Calder – Named after Frank Calder, the first National Hockey League (NHL) President and the namesake of the Calder Memorial Trophy.

10. Maurice – Named after Maurice Richard, a legendary Montreal Canadiens player.

11. Stanley – Named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the namesake of the Stanley Cup.

12. Hull – Named after Bobby Hull, a prolific goal scorer in hockey history.

13. Selanne – Named after Teemu Selanne, a Finnish NHL player.

14. Esposito – Named after Phil Esposito, a former NHL player and Hall of Famer.

15. Bower – Named after Johnny Bower, a beloved goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

16. Plante – Named after Jacques Plante, a goaltending pioneer, and Hall of Famer.

17. Trottier – Named after former New York Islanders player Bryan Trottier.

18. Potvin – Named after Denis Potvin, a former defenseman for the New York Islanders.

19. Dryden – Named after Ken Dryden, a former Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender member.

20. Bossy – Named after Mike Bossy, an elite goal scorer for the New York Islanders.

21. Hasek – Named after Dominik Hasek, a dominant Czech goaltender.

22. Forsberg – Named after Peter Forsberg, a Swedish NHL player.

23. Yzerman – Named after Steve Yzerman, a former captain of the Detroit Red Wings.

24. Roy – Named after Patrick Roy, a Hall of Fame goaltender.

25. Brodeur – Named after Martin Brodeur, an outstanding goaltender for the New Jersey Devils.

26. Lafleur – Named after Guy Lafleur, a former Montreal Canadiens star.

27. Sakic – Named after Joe Sakic, a former Colorado Avalanche captain.

28. Lidstrom – Named after Nicklas Lidstrom, a Swedish defenseman and Hall of Famer.

29. Modano – Named after Mike Modano, an American NHL player.

30. Ovechkin – Named after Alexander Ovechkin, a Russian goal-scoring machine.

31. Chara – Named after Zdeno Chara, a Slovakian defenseman and former captain.

32. Bergeron – Named after Patrice Bergeron, a current Boston Bruins player.

33. Kane – Named after Patrick Kane, an American NHL player.

34. Toews – Named after Jonathan Toews, a captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

35. Price – Named after Carey Price, a talented goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens.

36. Subban – Named after P.K. Subban, a charismatic defenseman.

37. Iginla – Named after Canadian Jarome Iginla, a former Calgary Flames captain.

38. Kucherov – Named after Nikita Kucherov, a skilled forward for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

39. McAvoy – Named after Charlie McAvoy, a young defenseman for the Boston Bruins.

40. Matthews – Named after Auston Matthews, a talented center for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

41. MacKinnon – Named after Nathan MacKinnon, an explosive forward for the Colorado Avalanche.

42. Doughty – Named after Drew Doughty, a standout defenseman for the Los Angeles Kings.

43. Barzal – Named after Mathew Barzal, a skilled center for the New York Islanders.

44. Burns – Named after Brent Burns, a dynamic defenseman for the San Jose Sharks.

45. Rantanen – Named after Mikko Rantanen, a Finnish forward for the Colorado Avalanche.

46. Hall – Named after Taylor Hall, an offensive force for various NHL teams.

47. Laine – Named after Patrik Laine, a Finnish forward known for his goal-scoring ability.

48. Gaudreau – Named after Johnny Gaudreau, an elusive winger for the Calgary Flames.

49. Marner – Named after Mitch Marner, a creative forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

50. Rinne – Named after Pekka Rinne, a former Nashville Predators goaltender known for athleticism.

Best And Good Hockey Dog Names

Hockey dog names
  1. Rocket
  2. Sniper
  3. Blade
  4. Ice
  5. Puckett
  6. Slapshot
  7. Zigzag
  8. Captain
  9. Enforcer
  10. Skates
  11. Topshelf
  12. Swift
  13. Slapstick
  14. Glove
  15. Biscuit
  16. Hat Trick
  17. Slapshot
  18. Rink
  19. Bruiser
  20. Sticks
  21. Twister
  22. Jet
  23. Fury
  24. Smash
  25. Dangle
  26. Blocker
  27. Blizzard
  28. Dynamo
  29. Checkers
  30. Champ
  31. Grizzly
  32. Howler
  33. Iceberg
  34. Mauler
  35. Powerplay
  36. Slick
  37. Snipe
  38. Spike
  39. Wrister
  40. Zinger
  41. Dasher
  42. Fireball
  43. Hammer
  44. Maverick
  45. Rover
  46. Sudden Death
  47. Thunder
  48. Wizard
  49. Whiplash
  50. Zamboni

Male Hockey Dog Names

  1. Bauer
  2. Crosby
  3. Gretzky
  4. Ovechkin
  5. Jagr
  6. McDavid
  7. Kane
  8. Toews
  9. Stamkos
  10. Price
  11. Subban
  12. Lundqvist
  13. Bergeron
  14. Tavares
  15. Matthews
  16. Hall
  17. MacKinnon
  18. Doughty
  19. Burns
  20. Karlsson
  21. Marchand
  22. Seguin
  23. Kucherov
  24. Rinne
  25. Rask
  26. Vasilevskiy
  27. Gibson
  28. Marner
  29. Pastrnak
  30. Laine

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Female Hockey Dog Names

hockey dog names
  1. Hayley
  2. Cammi
  3. Marie-Philip
  4. Hilary
  5. Meghan
  6. Kendall
  7. Jayna
  8. Shannon
  9. Cassie
  10. Angela
  11. Manon
  12. Caroline
  13. Rebecca
  14. Natalie
  15. Annie
  16. Brianna
  17. Bailey
  18. Brooke
  19. Kim
  20. Noora
  21. Amanda
  22. Meghan
  23. Jocelyne
  24. Amanda
  25. Sarah
  26. Emily
  27. Julie
  28. Kacey
  29. Loren
  30. Kendall

Hockey Team-Inspired Names for Dogs

  1. Maple Leafs: Representing Toronto, Canada
  2. Bruins: Representing Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  3. Canadiens: Representing Montreal, Canada
  4. Red Wings: Representing Detroit, Michigan, USA
  5. Blackhawks: Representing Chicago, Illinois, USA
  6. Rangers: Representing New York City, New York, USA
  7. Penguins: Representing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  8. Oilers: Representing Edmonton, Canada
  9. Capitals: Representing Washington, D.C., USA
  10. Flyers: Representing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  11. Kings: Representing Los Angeles, California, USA
  12. Flames: Representing Calgary, Canada
  13. Avalanche: Representing Denver, Colorado, USA
  14. Jets: Representing Winnipeg, Canada
  15. Islanders: Representing Long Island, New York, USA
  16. Blues: Representing St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  17. Lightning: Representing Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
  18. Sharks: Representing San Jose, California, USA
  19. Predators: Representing Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  20. Stars: Representing Dallas, Texas, USA
  21. Ducks: Representing Anaheim, California, USA
  22. Wild: Representing Minnesota, USA
  23. Sabres: Representing Buffalo, New York, USA
  24. Canucks: Representing Vancouver, Canada
  25. Senators: Representing Ottawa, Canada
  26. Panthers: Representing Sunrise, Florida, USA
  27. Golden Knights: Representing Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  28. Coyotes: Representing Arizona, USA
  29. Hurricanes: Representing Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  30. Blue Jackets: Representing Columbus, Ohio, USA

Three Tips to Consider When Choosing The Ideal Name

Naming your furry companion can be an exciting journey. For hockey enthusiasts, finding a hockey-inspired name for your dog adds extra enthusiasm and commitment to a game they adore. 

Here are three valuable guidelines for selecting an excellent name to reflect both your passion for playing as well as add some puck-inspired charm to their name:

1. Consider Team Names and Hockey Terminology:

As you explore hockey dog names, take inspiration from its rich lexicon. Team names, terminology, and iconic players all serve as sources of creative names that celebrate your love of hockey – like Maple or Leaf for Toronto Maple Leaf fans; Bruin or Bergeron for Boston Bruins fans, or terms like Slapshot or Zamboni or Hat Trick to add the spirit of hockey into their name for personalization purposes!

2. Reflect Your Dog’s Characteristics and Personality:

When selecting a perfect name for your pet, ensuring it fits their character and personality is vital. Consider their behavior, appearance, and individuality when finding an apt moniker. If your dog is agile and fast, consider “Speedy,” or if your dog has gentle nature, you can consider a name like “Gentle Ben” or “Mellow.” Also, please pay close attention to all their distinct habits and features while looking for names that reflect this relationship between both parties!

3. Easy Pronunciation and Unique Character:

Choosing a hockey dog name must be easy to pronounce and distinct. Look for catchy yet effortless terms for you to say out loud; choose those which roll off the tongue easily when calling their name aloud. 

Additionally, ensure it stands out by not sounding similar to common commands or household members’ names – this uniqueness will allow your four-legged buddy to identify it more readily while responding readily – creating an ever closer bond between you.


With over 200 hockey dog names to select from, there’s sure to be the perfect name for your furry pal! From teams, players, terminology, memorable moments, or simply something unique- there will surely be one to suit everyone and their pet perfectly. 

Easy pronunciation and distinctness should be considered when making this important choice – which will create lasting connections on and off the ice!

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