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Speed into Fun: 200 Captivating Greyhound Names!

Hello canine enthusiasts and name hunters! Are you having difficulty choosing an eye-catching name for your sleek greyhound? Have no fear! We’ve done extensive research in doggy circles and come up with 200 charming greyhound names which will surely get tails wagging with delight!

Picture this: an array of captivating names covering every imaginable aspect of charm and charisma in one glorious, playful collection! Classic names evoking timeless elegance sit comfortably alongside creative names that promise to turn heads at the dog park; we have something perfect waiting to adorn any greyhound’s collar! Whether your pup exudes royal stature or playful energy, there is sure to be the right name ready and waiting just for them!

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Here you’ll discover an exquisite compilation of greyhound names designed to capture every aspect of your furry companion’s personality. With such an expansive list, your search ends here! You are sure to discover an ideal moniker!

Additionally, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure each name we’ve curated comes complete with an engaging story or origin behind its birth or use. Explore this vast world of names and discover their charming tales!

So strap in, and prepare to be carried off on an unforgettable ride of excitement and inspiration! Your name may soon find itself among the list of names as varied as its spectrum as you embark on this amazing voyage of discovery on an evening stroll under moonlit stars.

Join us on this delightful adventure, where each page turn brings something extraordinary into view. You are sure to smile broadly when discovering that one perfect name that speaks volumes about your greyhound’s spirit!

Famous Greyhound Names & Origins

Greyhound names

Here’s a list of 100 unique Greyhound names, along with their origins:

  1. Apollo – Greek god of the sun and light
  2. Zephyr – Greek god of the west wind
  3. Luna – Latin for “moon.”
  4. Blitz – German for “lightning.”
  5. Atlas – Greek mythological figure who held up the sky
  6. Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen
  7. Jett – English for “black gemstone.”
  8. Maverick – A nonconformist or independent-minded person
  9. Sahara – Arabic for “desert.”
  10. Orion – A constellation in the night sky
  11. Sable – Dark fur color resembling black
  12. Zeus – Greek god of the sky and thunder
  13. Juno – Roman goddess of marriage and home
  14. Sterling – English for “genuine” or “of high quality.”
  15. Comet – A celestial object with a tail
  16. Phoenix – Mythical bird that rises from its ashes
  17. Fleur – French for “flower.”
  18. Titan – Greek mythological beings of great size and strength
  19. Onyx – A black gemstone
  20. Zenith – The highest point in the sky
  21. Velvet – Luxurious and soft fabric
  22. Dante – Italian poet and writer
  23. Vega – A star in the constellation Lyra
  24. Jinx – To bring bad luck or curse
  25. Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty
  26. Dune – A mound or ridge of sand formed by the wind
  27. Nimbus – A bright cloud surrounding a deity in art
  28. Java – Indonesian island known for its coffee
  29. Othello – Shakespearean tragedy play
  30. Vesper – Evening star; Latin for “evening.”
  31. Diesel – For the energetic and powerful hound
  32. Gaia – Greek goddess of the earth
  33. Orion – Constellation with bright stars
  34. Havana – Cuban capital city
  35. Nova – A star that suddenly becomes much brighter
  36. Rocco – Italian for “rest.”
  37. Saffron – A precious spice
  38. Jagger – For a swift and agile greyhound
  39. Vega – The brightest star in the constellation Lyra
  40. Indigo – A deep, purplish-blue color
  41. Titan – For a large and strong greyhound
  42. Kiara – Irish for “dark-haired.”
  43. Nimbus – A bright cloud surrounding a deity in art
  44. Storm – For a greyhound with a strong presence
  45. Koda – Native American for “bear.”
  46. Mariposa – Spanish for “butterfly.”
  47. Remi – French for “oarsman”
  48. Lyra – A constellation in the northern hemisphere
  49. Caius – Latin for “rejoice.”
  50. Echo – From Greek mythology, a nymph
  51. Zara – Arabic for “princess.”
  52. Valor – For a courageous greyhound
  53. Vortex – A whirlwind or strong current of air
  54. Moxie – For a spirited and confident greyhound
  55. Orion – A constellation in the night sky
  56. Kismet – Turkish for “fate” or “destiny.”
  57. Pixel – For a greyhound with a striking appearance
  58. Nala – Swahili for “beloved.”
  59. Quasar – A distant celestial object emitting intense radiation
  60. Raina – Sanskrit for “queen”
  61. Sirocco – A hot, dusty wind from the Sahara
  62. Taj – Persian for “crown” or “jewel.”
  63. Vega – A star in the constellation Lyra
  64. Ursa – Latin for “bear.”
  65. Xena – Greek for “hospitality.”
  66. Zara – Arabic for “princess.”
  67. Zen – For a calm and serene greyhound
  68. Vesper – Evening star; Latin for “evening.”
  69. Titan – Greek mythological beings of great size and strength
  70. Sahara – Arabic for “desert.”
  71. Orion – A constellation in the night sky
  72. Velvet – Luxurious and soft fabric
  73. Dante – Italian poet and writer
  74. Comet – A celestial object with a tail
  75. Aria – Italian for “melody.”
  76. Blitz – German for “lightning.”
  77. Luna – Latin for “moon.”
  78. Apollo – Greek god of the sun and light
  79. Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen
  80. Jett – English for “black gemstone.”
  81. Maverick – A nonconformist or independent-minded person
  82. Zephyr – Greek god of the west wind
  83. Atlas – Greek mythological figure who held up the sky
  84. Aurora – Latin for “dawn.”

Female Greyhound Names

greyhound names

Female Greyhounds are elegant breeds known for their speed and gentle temperament. They are ideal pets for families or individuals of any size, boasting sleek lines and friendly personality traits. Here are some name ideas for them:

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Daisy
  4. Grace
  5. Willow
  6. Ruby
  7. Ivy
  8. Stella
  9. Hazel
  10. Zoey
  11. Nova
  12. Mia
  13. Athena
  14. Luna
  15. Misty
  16. Cleo
  17. Sophie
  18. Willow
  19. Lola
  20. Penny
  21. Zara
  22. Rosie
  23. Sadie
  24. Ginger
  25. Lulu
  26. Nala
  27. Daphne
  28. Olive
  29. Poppy
  30. Roxy

Male Greyhound names

greyhound name ideas

Choose the one that feels just right for your new furry companion!

  1. Max
  2. Rocky
  3. Zeus
  4. Toby
  5. Duke
  6. Charlie
  7. Oliver
  8. Cooper
  9. Jasper
  10. Milo
  11. Ace
  12. Finn
  13. Diesel
  14. Titan
  15. Hunter
  16. Apollo
  17. Leo
  18. Riley
  19. Oscar
  20. Archer

Italian Greyhound Names

These names draw upon Italian culture and history for inspiration – they should help your Italian Greyhound stand out and reflect its heritage!

  1. Dante
  2. Bella
  3. Leonardo
  4. Isabella
  5. Giuseppe
  6. Lucia
  7. Marco
  8. Sofia
  9. Luigi
  10. Giulia
  11. Rocco
  12. Francesca
  13. Nico
  14. Chiara
  15. Vittorio
  16. Caterina
  17. Renzo
  18. Antonella
  19. Gino
  20. Carmela
  21. Lorenzo
  22. Isadora
  23. Fabio
  24. Adriana
  25. Valentino
  26. Rosalia
  27. Alessio
  28. Alessandra
  29. Matteo
  30. Adriano

Racing Greyhound Names

  1. Dash
  2. Lightning 
  3. Speed Demon
  4. Fleetfoot
  5. Rapid Velocity
  6. Turbo Jet
  7. Agile Ace
  8. Quick Silver
  9. Blaze Runner
  10. Whirlwind Wonder
  11. Flash 
  12. Sprint Blaze
  13. Bolt
  14. Rocket Racer
  15. Fleet 
  16. Zooming Zephyr
  17. Puma
  18. Swift Streak
  19. Rapid Reign
  20. Aero
  21. Turbo Thunder
  22. Zip
  23. Lightning Bolt
  24. Cheetah
  25. Speedy Specter
  26. Jett
  27. Sonic
  28. Fleet

Funny Greyhound Names

Do you want something hilarious? Then, stick around for name ideas. Remember selecting a name for your greyhound should be an enjoyable and creative process.

  1. Zoomie McZoomface
  2. Speedy Gonzogrey
  3. Sir Waggington
  4. Scoot McBiscuit
  5. Lightning Legs
  6. Turbo Tornado
  7. Greased Lightning
  8. Rocket Racer
  9. Bolt the Hound
  10. Dashin’ Dasher
  11. Whirlwind Whippet
  12. Hare-Brained Hank
  13. Zippy Zephyr
  14. Flash the Dash
  15. Sassy Strider
  16. Wiggly Woofer
  17. Quickie Quicksilver
  18. Snappy Sprinter
  19. Twinkle Toes
  20. Frisky Furlong

3 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Name for Your Greyhound Dog

Here are tips to know when searching for name ideas

1. Embrace the Elegance of their Heritage

Greyhounds are ancient breeds admired across history for their majestic presence and unparalleled speed. To honor this history and pay homage to them as part of your legacy, consider names that reflect their grace and dignity; tap into classic names like “Athena” or “Apollo,” names associated with mythological gods who symbolize strength and reverence respectively. Emotive words like “Eclipse” or “Seraphim” can evoke images of celestial beauty and transcendent elegance that perfectly match Greyhound’s transcendent allure!

2. Unleash Your Power of Personality

Each Greyhound is unique, full of charm, quirk, and personality. When choosing their name, it should reflect this personality: pay attention to their behavior, mannerisms, and their spark – for instance, if they show playful activity such as dashing across fields like comets, a name like Zephyr or Bolt could capture that vibrancy, conversely if their presence exudes calm serenity similar to ballet dancers Serenade or Harmony could fit better as choices that resonate with their essence – creating an invaluable bond that transcends mere words!

3. Draw Inspiration From Art, Literature, and History

Get inspired by art, literature, and history when searching for names for your Greyhound; they often serve as sources of original names with meaning. 

Literature has given us timeless gems like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unforgettable character Gatsby as one such timeless treasure; artistic masterpieces have provided names that resonate, such as Monet and Da Vinci (both known for vibrant beauty); history provides you with names like Cleopatra or Leonidas which pay homage to figures with strength and influence that could lend their names perfectly for an animal like that who commands respect when searching by having their presence alone!

As you search for a fitting name for your Greyhound, remember that the significance of their chosen moniker can deepen the bond you share. Take your time, let your heart guide your search, and enjoy discovering one that resonates most meaningfully!


This is a delightful selection of over 200 greyhound names – from classic to quirky and playful! Each name captures something about this breed’s grace and charisma, whether you’re searching for inspiration for your new pet or simply admiring its diversity! With all these options, there is sure to be one suitable to each greyhound’s unique characteristics and endearing qualities!

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