Dog Shedding

Dog Shedding: What to Expect And How to Deal With It | 7 Expert’s Tips

Dogs, being furry animals, are most likely to shed their furs, be it any breed. They shed their furs after their streaks of hair are dead or dried. From time to time, dogs lose these damaged and dead furs to make space for healthy and new fur.

Hence, if you are looking forward to buying or adopting a new canine friend but want to avoid dogs that shed the most, then be sure to look for dogs that shed the most. We have come up with this article to help you know the ones you can avoid. 

Shedding is a normal condition among dogs that generally doesn’t harm your dog. But in case of excessive shedding, consult your veterinarian and let them prescribe the best treatment.

Excessive shedding, otherwise, may irritate your dog’s skin if left untreated. This may further worsen the condition of your dog’s skin leading to more shedding. 

Dog Shedding

Do All Dogs Shed Equally?

No. Shedding in dogs depends on factors like their health, pregnancy status, and breeds. While some of the dogs constantly keep throughout the year, other breeds shed seasonally. Most such dogs shed during two seasons in a year, depending on the weather pattern.

Can You Stop a Dog From Shedding?

Unfortunately, all dogs shed. While some shed less, others shed more. Unfortunately, there are no ways to stop a dog from shedding altogether, but you can always choose those dog breeds that shed less than others.

Besides, some dog breeds have thicker hair and produce less dander. However, their hair structure is similar to that of humans, and if you are one of those who are allergic to pet hair or dander, choose this type of dog.

Now, although there are no definite ways to stop your dog from shedding, there are some simple ways to lessen shedding in dogs.

How to Deal with Dog Shedding?

As mentioned, you can’t avoid shedding if you own a dog, but some simple ways can lessen shedding in your dogs. Let’s now look at some of the ways to deal with dog shedding.

  1. Brush its Coat

To lessen shedding, you should brush its coat regularly. But remember that dogs have different types of coats, and not all kinds of brushes are suitable for every dog.

So, if your dog has short hair, use a stiff brush. However, if your dog has long furs, use brushes with long brushes. 

Also, use a wire-pin brush if your dog has a wooly coat or curly hair. Besides, choose a slicker brush if there are mats on its hair.

Dog Shedding
  1. Using Rubber Curry Combs

You can also use rubber combs to massage your dog’s skin. These combs will remove dead skin, old and dry hair, and dander. This will also help in evenly spreading the oil that your dog’s skin produces.

This will improve the quality of your dog’s fur and skin, and there will be an improvement in the skin conditions, resulting in less shedding.

  1. Using a Shedding Tool Regularly

Often using a shedding tool can also help in improving the condition. For example, shedding tools help remove dead hair from your dog’s coat. 

These tools have steel tines and are among the best tools to pull out dead and dry hairs from the undercoat of any dog.

So, shedding tools are a great option for dogs with double coats, and you can use them to remove such dead hairs to decrease your dog’s shedding.

  1. Feed Your Dog Healthy Food

A properly balanced and healthy diet can improve the quality of your dog’s hair. With a part of good quality food, your dog’s hair follicles can improve. This, in turn, will decrease shedding in your dog.

  1. Ensure that Your Dog is Well-hydrated

Dry and dehydrated skin can result in more shedding in dogs. So, keeping your dog well-hydrated can also improve shedding in your dog. 

Always give them fresh water, which will hydrate their skin. Improved and hydrated skin conditions can lessen shedding in dogs.

  1. Bathe Your Dog as Required

Bathing removes most of the dead hairs from your dog’s coat. You can also use a de-shedding shampoo and conditioner for better results. 

So, bathing your dog from time to time can improve the coat of your dog. But remember that not all dogs are meant for daily baths, and bathe them according to their breeds.

  1. Trust Home Remedies and Supplements

Some simple home remedies and food supplements can also decrease shedding in your dog. For instance, you can feed your dog a small amount of olive oil daily. This improves the quality of their coat resulting in less dry hair.

But we recommend consulting a vet first and proceeding with such home remedies only if your vet allows you to use them. After all, not all such remedies are suitable for all dog breeds.


So, now that you know how to deal with the problem of shedding dogs, you must be well aware of the pros and cons of keeping a furry dog. Even if you are thinking of buying or adopting a furry friend, make sure you know how to deal with it. But if you altogether have a different plan, i.e., to avoid shedding breeds, then this article will be a great help to you. 

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