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Catahoula Corgi Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Do you love the herding instinct of a Corgi and the athleticism of a Catahoula Leopard Dog? If so, you’ll want to learn more about the Catahoula Corgi mix.

This unique crossbreed is becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. They are energetic and fun-loving dogs that will make a great addition to any family.

Are you considering adding a Catahoula Leopard Dog Corgi mix to your family? If so, you’ll want to learn everything about this crossbreed. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the personality of the Catahoula Corgi mix, as well as their size, grooming needs, and potential health concerns.

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We’ll also provide information on finding a reputable breeder if you’re interested in getting one of these dogs yourself. So, keep reading for all the info you need, whether you’re just doing research or are ready to bring a Catahoula Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix home.

What Is A Catahoula Corgi Mix?

The Catahoula Corgi mix is a unique and fascinating breed beloved by dog owners worldwide. This hybrid canine is a cross between two distinct and iconic breeds: the high-energy Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, also known as simply the “Catahoula,” and the hardy and perky Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 

This hybrid breed results in a loyal and fun-loving companion animal with an insatiable appetite for play. Whether romping through the park or cuddling up on the couch, this energetic pup never fails to bring joy to its owner’s life. 

So if you’re looking for a canine companion with tons of personality, be sure to add a Corgi Catahoula mix to your family.

History of The Corgi Catahoula Mix

Anytime two different purebred dogs are bred together, the result is a hybrid or designer dog. These dogs have become increasingly popular over the last few decades as people look for interesting new ways to create the perfect pet.

Hybrid histories and records are difficult to establish with certainty. The Corgi Catahoula mix is a designer breed that likely originated in the United States within the past two to three decades. 

It is unclear exactly when or how this crossbreed came to be, but it is thought that the combination of these two herding dog breeds was intentionally done to produce a pup with the best qualities of both.

To learn more about this breed, let’s look at the parent breeds: the Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

An Overview of The Catahoula

The Catahoula is a medium-sized, short-coated dog native to the United States. The breed is named for Catahoula Parish in Louisiana, where it is thought to have originated. 

The Catahoula is sometimes called the “Catahoula Leopard Dog” or the “Louisiana Leopard Dog” and is known for its unique spotted coat.

Louisiana Leopard Dog Corgi mix, Catahoula Corgi Mix, Corgi Catahoula Mix, Catahoula Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

The breed is also known for its webbed feet, which make them excellent swimmers. Catahoulas are intelligent, Inquisitive, active dogs that require regular exercise and stimulation. They are loyal and affectionate with their family but can be reserved with strangers.

Catahoulas are versatile dogs that can excel at a variety of activities, including herding, hunting, and obedience. With proper training and socialization, they can make wonderful companion animals.

They weigh between 50 to 95 pounds and have a height of 20 to 26 inches at the shoulder with a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

Catahoula comes in Black, Brindle, Black merle, Red Merle, Red, and Yellow. AKC does not yet recognize this breed.

An Overview Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This is a small herding dog that originated in Wales. The breed is named for the county of Pembrokeshire, where it was developed. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis were first brought to the United States in the 1930s, and they have been growing in popularity ever since. Today, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are known for their shortened legs and fox-like appearance. They are intelligent and energetic dogs that make great companions. They are also very versatile and can excel at various activities such as agility, obedience, and herding.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis typically weigh between 20 and 30 pounds and stand 10 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder. They come in a variety of colors, including red, sable, black and tan, Brindle, and fawn.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis make great family pets. They are loyal and loving dogs that thrive on human companionship. They are also relatively easy to train and are generally good with children.

Louisiana Leopard Dog Corgi mix, Catahoula Corgi Mix, Corgi Catahoula Mix, Catahoula Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

However, like all dogs, they need to be socialized at an early age to ensure that they are comfortable around people.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1934.

The Appearance Of Corgi Catahoula Mix

The appearance of a hybrid pup is not guaranteed, as they could favor either parent’s looks. However, some Corgi Catahoulas will have the short legs of a Corgi with the long body of a Catahoula.

Your pup is likely to take after a parent whose gene is more dominant. If your pup has more Corgi characteristics, it will have a short and stocky build. On the other hand, if the Catahoula genes are more dominant, then your pup is likely to be tall and muscular.

One of the most notable physical traits that a Corgi Catahoula Mix will inherit from their Catahoula parent is their large, webbed feet. These help the Catahoula navigate swampy areas with ease and give them excellent swimming ability.


The size of your pooch will be determined by the genes they inherit from their parents. If their Catahoula parent were on the smaller side, they would likely be a smaller dogs. Similarly, if their Corgi parent were a larger breed, then they would probably take after them in size.

However, as a rough guide, most Catahoula Corgi Mixes will be between 15 and 20 inches tall and weigh between 25 and 40 pounds when fully grown. This means an adult mix is likely to be a small to medium-sized dog.


The lifespan of a Catahoula Corgi Mix is typically around 10 to 14 years, which is about average for dogs of their size. 

However, this can vary depending on their parents’ health and whether they have any inherited health conditions.

Coat Type And Color

Your puppy can inherit either of the parent’s coat types. If your pup inherits more of the Catahoula coat type, then he will have a short to medium-length coat that is dense and coarse.

The Catahoula parent’s coat repels water and keeps the dog dry and warm in cold or wet weather. If your puppy takes more after the Corgi parent, his coat will be medium length, thick, and soft. Like the Catahoula coat, the Corgi coat also repels water. The color of your puppy’s coat will depend on the colors of his parents’ coats.

Catahoulas can be any color, including merle, Brindle, black, white, blue, red, tan, yellow, or gray. Corgis come in these colors: red, black, Brindle, and sable. Red can be any shade from light golden to a dark liver color. Sable is a mix of black and brown hairs that creates a grayish color. 

So, your puppy’s coat could be anything from solid black to merle with patches of red, sable, white, or tan.

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The Temperament

The temperament of the Corgi Louisiana Leopard Dog mix is generally warm, playful, and affectionate. These dogs are naturally outgoing and sociable, and they thrive on regular interaction with people and other animals. 

They are also intelligent and energetic, so they require plenty of physical and mental stimulation to be happy and well-adjusted.

Overall, the Corgi Catahoula mix is an affectionate companion that makes an excellent family pet for those looking for a spirited but loyal dog. If you’re looking for a lovable mutt with a lot of personalities, then this combination of breeds may just be the perfect choice for you.

Grooming Needs

Sometimes, it’s hard to predict whether your pup will be a heavy or light shed. You can expect it to fall somewhere in the middle if you have a Catahoula Corgi mix. 

You’ll probably need to brush them once or twice a week to remove any dead hair and keep their coat healthy and shiny. You can use a comb or slicker brush for this.

Be sure to avoid any mats or tangles, which can be painful for your pup if not brushed out.

In terms of baths, they probably won’t need one too often. Every few months should be sufficient unless they’ve gotten into something particularly smelly or dirty. When you bathe them, make sure to use a dog-specific shampoo that won’t dry out their skin.

Also, as part of a good grooming routine, you must regularly brush your dog’s teeth and clean its ears when needed. These two things will help your pup stay healthy and happy for years.

Finally, don’t forget about their nails. Like all dogs, your Louisiana Leopard Dog Corgi mix will need to have its nails trimmed on a regular basis. If you can hear them clicking on the ground when it walks, that’s a good indication that it’s time for a trim.

If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, you can always take them to a groomer or vet. They should be able to do it quickly and painlessly.

Exercise Needs

Both parent breeds are active, so the Louisiana Leopard Dog Corgi mix needs a good deal of exercise. A fenced yard is ideal, but this pup can do well with several walks or play sessions each day. 

If you live in an apartment, be sure to give your dog plenty of time outside and some indoor games to keep him occupied. Without enough exercise, this mix can become destructive.

At least one hour of daily exercise or physical activity is necessary for this pup.

You can meet your dog’s exercise needs by:

  • Taking them on walks
  • Going to the park
  • Playing fetch or tug of war
  • Going jogging or running with them
  • Signing up for doggy classes like agility, obedience, etc.

If you cannot commit to at least an hour of exercise for your pup, this mix is probably not the right breed. Remember, a tired dog is a good dog.

So if you are looking for an active, fun-loving companion who will keep you on your toes, this mix may be the perfect pup for you. Just be sure you can commit to giving them the exercise they need.

Training Requirements

As with all dog breeds, early socialization and obedience training are necessary. The Catahoula Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix is no exception. 

These dogs are intelligent and eager to please, so training should be relatively easy. However, their herding instinct may make them prone to nipping at heels, so careful training is essential to prevent this behavior from becoming a problem.

As with all breeds, this mix should be obedience trained. This will help them learn to follow commands and behave appropriately around people and other dogs. Socialization is also important for this breed, as it will help them become comfortable in various environments and situations.

The Catahoula Corgi mix can be a wonderful, loyal companion with proper training and socialization. They make great family dogs and are excellent with children. 

With their herding instinct, they may also do well in agility or other dog sports. If you’re looking for an active, intelligent dog, this mix may be a perfect choice.

Also, ensure you use positive reinforcement methods when training this breed of dog. This will help them learn quickly and be more receptive to commands, so using treats as rewards can be an effective way to train them.

Finally, remember that every dog is individual, and some may pick up training faster than others. Be patient and consistent with your training, and you’ll soon have a well-behaved dog on your hands.

Dietary Needs

With your veterinarian’s supervision and approval, these dogs should do well in high-quality dog food, either commercial or home-prepared. 

Some Catahoula Corgis may be prone to weight gain, so monitor your dog’s food intake and body condition. 

Treats can be an important aid in training, but giving too many can cause obesity. Learn about which human foods are safe for these dogs and which are not. 

Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.

You can supplement their diets with fresh fruits and vegetables and fish oil for a healthy coat and strong joints. 

Feed two to three times per day, making sure to remove any uneaten food after 30 minutes. Puppies will need more frequent meals.

When switching your dog’s diet, do so gradually over the course of a week or two to avoid gastrointestinal upset, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Avoid feeding your pup junky or low-quality foods, as this will only lead to health problems in the long run. A good quality diet will help keep their energy levels up and maintain their overall health. 

Obesity can cause several issues, such as joint problems, so make sure your dog is at a healthy weight.

How Much Is The Cost Of A Corgi Catahoula Mix puppy, and where to get it?

The price of a Louisiana Leopard Dog Corgi Mix puppy will vary depending on a few different factors. The breeder’s experience, the dog’s availability, location, and even things like coat color can affect the price. 

You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1000 for your Catahoula Corgi Mix puppy.

When it comes to finding a reputable breeder, you want to make sure you do your research. Ask around for recommendations, read online reviews, and even visit the breeder’s facility in person if possible. 

Once you’ve found a breeder you’re comfortable with, it’s time to bring your new puppy home.

Also, ask for health insurance clearance and paperwork, which will help ensure your puppy is healthy and has a good start in life.

Health Problems

Generally, the Corgi Catahoula dog mix is a healthy dog breed. However, as with all mixed dog breeds, they can be susceptible to common health problems in both the Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Some of the health problems that your Corgihoula could suffer from include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, deafness, eye problems, ear infection, cardiac issues, degenerative myelopathy, and von Willebrand’s disease.

Responsible breeders should screen and check for these health conditions before breeding. 


Suppose you’re considering adding a Catahoula Corgi mix into your life; congratulations! You’re about to get one of the best dogs around. 

These hybrids are intelligent, active, and loving – perfect for families or anyone looking for an energetic companion. 

Make sure you’re prepared for all the love and wiggles this pup is going to bring your way; they will quickly become your favorite four-legged friend.


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